Teaching Notes - Discipleship

Abraham's Faith
1 "From Faith"
2 "To Faith"
3 "By Faith"
Accepted in the Beloved
1 "Love's Motivation"
2 "Freedom from Rejection"
The Armor of God
1 "The Soldier" 7 "Going to Battle with the Boots of Peace"
2 "The Enemies: Internal" 8 "The Shield of Faith"
3 "In God's Dressing Room" 9 "The Helmet of Salvation"
4 "The Enemies: External " 10 "The Sword of the Spirit"
5 "The Loinbelt of Truth" 11 "Prayer: The Long-range Weapon"
6 "The Breastplate of Righteousness" 12 "The Rewards of Service"
The Blessings of the Beatitudes
1 "The Be Attitudes"
2 "The Blessings in Revelation"
The Doctrine of Baptisms
1 "The Doctrine of Baptisms" 3 "Holy Spirit Baptism"
2 "Water Baptism" 4 "Baptisms of Fire"
Human Relations 101
1 "The LORD Is My Portion"
2 "The Powerful Influence of Friends"
Life with the Master
1 "Iron Shapeneth Stone" 4 "At the Master's Feet"
2 "My Own Familiar Friend" 5 "The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved"
3 "As of One Born out of Due Time"    
Love's Journey
1 "Love's Motivation" 3 "Love's Challenge"
2 "Love's Walk" 4 "Love's Reward"
Missing Jesus
1 "In the Storms of Life" 4 "In the Fellowship of Fear"
2 "In the Garden of Grief" 5 "In the Ship of Strife"
3 "On the Road of Reason"    
Overcoming Depression
1 "The Captain of the Distressed" 4 "Where Are You Lord?"
2 "To Hell and Back" 5 "Sorrowful unto Death"
3 "I'm the Only One" 6 "Stripes Above Measure"
Reality Check
1 "Dying to Self"
2 "Eradicating the Root of Anger"
Target Warfare
1 "Target Warfare - Part 1"
2 "Target Warfare - Part 2"
The Two Ways
1 "Cain and Abel" 7 "The Doors and Gates"
2 "A History of the Enemy" 8 "Freedom from Defilements"
3 "From Rocks to Building Blocks" 9 "Redeeming the Time"
4 "A Matter of Inheritance" 10 "Music"
5 "From Deceit to Revelation" S1 "Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath"
6 "The Laws of God" S2 "The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb"
Treasures in Heaven
1 "Casting Light on Hidden Treasures" 4 "The Treasury House of the Lord"
2 "Stewarding Your Account" 5 "Guarding Our Treasures"
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