Teaching Notes - Church Life

A House of Prayer for All PeoplesA House of Prayer for All Peoples
1 "What is Church?" 5 "The Necessity of Confession"
2 "How Did We Get Here?" 6 "The Lord's Supper"
3 "Why the Word First?" 7 "Singing to the Lord"
4 "The Encouragement of Testimony" 8 "A Praying House"
The Fully Preached GospelThe Fully Preached Gospel
1 "That None Should Perish" 5 "Go and Make Disciples of all Nations"
2 "Our Manner of Entering In" 6 "Disciples Food: Milk and Meat Doctrines"
3 "The Fully Preached Gospel" 7 "Tending Our Garden"
4 "Whom We Preach" 8 "Target Evangelism" - Frank DeCenso
Habitations of Praise
1 " What Is the Tabernacle of David?" 9 "The Use of the Hands (TUH): Lift!"
2 "Go to Shiloh!" 10 "TUH: Play Instruments! Part I - Strings"
3 "Arise, O Lord!" 11 "TUH: Play Instruments! Part II - Percussion"
4 "The Entrance of the King" 12 "TUH: Play Instruments! Part III - Wind"
5 "The Order of Worship" 13 "The Use of the Hands: Clap!"
6 "The Use of the Voice: Speak!" 14 "The Use of Posture: Stand!"
7 "The Use of the Voice: Sing!" 15 "The Use of Posture: Bow!"
8 "The Use of the Voice: Shout!" 16 "The Use of Posture: Dance!"
Modesty Matters
1 "Clothed of God"
2 "The Face of God"
3 "The Requirements of God"
The Multigenerational Church
1 "Family Ministry"
2 "Let the Children Come"
Practical Evangelism
1 "What is the Gospel?" 4 "Partnering With the Holy Spirit in Evangelism"
2 "How Do I Tell the Story?" 5 "John's Testimony"
3 "The Power of Testimony" 6 "Witnessing the Hope"

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