Teaching Notes - Christology

The Blood of Jesus ChristThe Blood of Jesus Christ
1 "An Introduction to the Blood" 6 "The Blood of Sprinkling"
2 "The Life of the Flesh" 7 "A Blood-Cleansed Conscience"
3 "The Purchase of Blood" 8 "Entrance by the Blood"
4 "Loosed by the Blood" 9 "The Blood and the Body"
5 "Behold the Lamb!" 10 "The Blood and the Bride"
I AmI Am
1 "Who Do You Say I Am?" 6 "The Good Shepherd"
2 "The Bread of Life" 7 "The Resurrection and the Life"
3 "The Light of the World" 8 "The Way, the Truth, and the Life"
4 "For Judgment I Am Come" 9 "The True Vine"
5 "The Door" 10 "I Am He, the Beginning and the End"
Messiah's BirthMessiah's Birth
1 "Origins of Old: The Prophetic Pronouncement of Messiah's Birth"
2 "Perspectives on Joseph"
3 "The Word Became Flesh"
Sabbath HealingsSabbath Healings
1 "The Daughter of Abraham Set Free" 7 "On Fire for the Lord"
2 "Out of the Pit" 8 "A Planting of the Lord"
3 "The Kingdom Connection" 9 "The Kingdom of Heaven"
4 "The Wedding Supper of the Lamb" 10 "Sabbath Days' Work"
5 "The Wedding Feast of Cana" 11 "The Feast of Tabernacles"
6 "A Sabbath in Nazareth" 12 "The Greatest Sabbath Healing Ever"
The Tabernacle of MosesThe Tabernacle of Moses
1 "Water from the Rock" 8 "The High Priest, the Incense, and the Day of Atonement"
2 "Plundering the Egyptian" 9 "God's Framework and Coverings"
3 "Perspectives of Process" 10 "The Brazen Laver"
4 "The Ark of the Covenant" 11 "The Brazen Alter"
5 "The Table of Shewbread" 12 "The Courtyard"
6 "The Golden Lampstand" 13 "The Camp of the Lord"
7 "The Alter of Incense" 14 "The Way of Faith"
The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
1 "The Two Mountains" 8 "The Lord of Life"
2 "The Two Tables" 9 "The Bride of Christ"
3 "In the Face of the Lord" 10 "For God So Loved..." Part I
4 "The Image of God" 11 "For God So Loved..." Part II
5 "The Name of the Lord" 12 "Like a Thief in the Night"
6 "The Day of the Lord" 13 "The Faithful and True Witness"
7 "The Glory of the Lord" 14 "The Lord's Provision"
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