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The Blood of Jesus Christ
In an age that views blood as more of a biohazard than a life saver and considers sacrificial rites to be the primitive superstitions of a bygone era, we need a renewed understanding of the fountain of our faith. Based on the audio resource of the same name, this book delves deeper into the rich truths of our redemption. More details...
Longing for You, the Journey from Intercession to Intimacy
"The primary call on my life is to be an intercessor. Debbie's book, Longing For You, is confirmation that others are realizing what a joy it is to live a lifestyle of prayer. The reality of "going from intercession to intimacy" has occurred in her heart. It can happen in yours as well. She has written in such a simple and authentic style that the Voice of Love she listens to can be heard clearly" -Mike Bickle (more)
Redeeming the Time
Though this is our companion guide to the Redeeming the Time audio series, it is a work that stands on its own. Full of rich insight, doctrinal exposition, and thought provoking commentary, it is a resource worthy of any Bible student's bookcase. Over 160 pages with Scripture index and extensive bibliography.
YHWH - The Father's Conevant Name
This companion guide to our audio series YHWH: The Father's Covenant Name is ideal for personal or group study. 14 lessons, 53 pages.
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