Audio Resources - Discipleship

Abraham's Faith
This series examines the father of faith that we may learn faith's walk towards a friendship with God.
Accepted in the Beloved
The twin problems of what motivates us toward God and how we deal with rejection are examined in this series. God's answer and promise is simple and profound: He has make us accepted in the beloved.
The Armor of God
Our Lord is a man of war and He has equipped us for the battle. These teachings are designed to help you step into the armory and stand in the fight.
Birthing the Word
The Incarnation was a singular event in the history of the redemption of mankind. "Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh..." (1 Tim 3:16) Jesus is the ultimate revelation of godliness in the flesh. But what about us? When we take God at His Word, His promises take on flesh in us. The conception and birth of Jesus Christ give us the divine pattern of birthing His promises into physical manifestation.
The Blessings of the Beatitudes
Jesus taught His disciples how to truly be happy and explained to them the "be attitudes" of those who would be citizens of the kingdom of heaven. These attitudes should be the mark of all those who follow Him.
The Doctrine of Baptisms
How is it that we have a doctrine of baptisms (Heb 6:2) in a faith that only allows for one baptism? (Eph 4:5) This series examines this apparent doctrinal dilemma and the methods by which we are baptized into the One Lord, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Human Relations 101
These messages deal with the most basic of human relationships: that of man with God. How we relate to God is the biggest factor in our relational success with others. And our relationships with others dramatically impact our relationship to God. Discover in these sharings vital keys to relational wholeness.
Life with the Master
Betrayal, persecution, stubbornness, devotion, zeal: Jesus dealt (and deals) with all of these in His ministry. In these vignettes of Jesus dealing with His disciples, we see the loving ways of the Master and His life-changing touch.
Love's Journey
Love never fails. This teaching series will take you through practical steps of walking in the power of love.
Missing Jesus
What if Jesus appeared in the middle of you turmoil - how would you react? In this series, we examine five situations when the Master appeared that became cases of mistaken identity. Will you recognize the Master when He visits you?
Overcoming Depression
Discouragement, sorrow, trouble, a word, depression - if you breath, you've probably had to deal with it! Hear how God answered those who were in severe distress (like Jonah, Job, and the Lord Jesus) and find out how to overcome depression.
Reality Check
In a world full of dysfunctional families, broken dreams, frustrated aims, and emotional trauma we need to be armored with a deep dose of reality: It isn't about us! In this power packed set you will find keys to exponential spiritual growth, lasting peace, and resurrection power.
Target Warfare
How is it going on your battlefront? Are you hitting the target or fighting as one who beats the air? This study, taught by Mr. Frank DeCenso, will help equip you for God-centric warfare. Learn why God sent the plagues on Egypt, how David waged successful campaigns, and how to occupy the land promised to you.
The Two Ways
There is a broad way and a narrow way. These practical messages are a road map in the wilderness. Includes the teaching "The Doors and Gates" by Tim Keyes.
Treasures in Heaven
Where are our treasures hidden? This insightful series examines how we make sure our accounts are full when we get to heaven.
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