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A House of Prayer for All PeoplesA House of Prayer for All Peoples
What is the purpose of the Church? How many people does it take to make a church? How can a church become an effective house of prayer for all peoples? These and other important issues are discussed in this thought provoking and challenging series.
The Fully Preached GospelThe Fully Preached Gospel
From growing disciples to being one, this series covers the spectrum from milk to meat. Includes the teaching "Target Evangelism" be Frank DeCenso.
Greatness in the Kingdom of HeavenGreatness in the Kingdom of Heaven
When His disciples asked Him who was greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus responded by picking up a child and setting him in the middle of their company. What followed was a classic lesson from the Master in which the answer far outweighed the question both in motive and depth. Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Join us in this expositional teaching of Matthew 18 and find out how a child's heart leads to the King's throne.
Habitations of PraiseHabitations of Praise
Learn about the sanctuary that David wrote many of the Psalms in (and for!). The Old Testament has much to teach the New Testament Church about worship!
Modesty MattersModesty Matters
In a day and age where immodesty is more the rule than the exception, Christians need to be armed with the truth of Scripture to make wise apparel choices. In these messages you will learn eternal principles about being clothed and how what we wear affects our testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Multigenerational ChurchThe Multigenerational Church
The family is under assault from the pressures of our culture. Is the Church helping the family or aiding and abetting the enemy? What is God's organizing principle for church ministry and discipleship? This series examines the challenging Biblical answers to these questions and looks at the dynamic possibilities offered in the multigenerational church.
Practical EvangelismPractical Evangelism
Are you ready for the harvest? Do you want to play a part in the end times gathering? These practical messages will give you the tools you need to begin reaching people for Christ today!
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