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The Blood of Jesus ChristThe Blood of Jesus Christ
Is the blood of Jesus Christ only a historical reality or is it dynamically present and active today? Learn why He bled and how the application of His blood will empower you to walk as a New Testament priest.
I AmI Am
Many have taken in hand to write about Jesus of Nazareth, who He was and what He did. But no Christology is as startling as the one Jesus declared about Himself. Some of His statements were so incendiary to His contemporaries that they wanted to kill Him outright. "Who do you say I am?" He asked His disciples. Before we answer Him, perhaps we should examine who He said He is.
The Manifestation of the Sons of GodThe Manifestation of the Sons of God
Jesus was led up to the wilderness to win against the wiles of the wicked one. He went in armed with the Father's approbation, the Spirit's power, and the word of God. The encounter exposed the tactics of the tempter and revealed the way of victory. Join us as we examine the tremendous lessons imparted to us in Matthew 4 and learn about the identity, calling, and destiny of the sons of God.
Messiah's BirthMessiah's Birth
The birth of Jesus Christ was one of the most astounding events in human history. The Redeemer's entrance into the family of man had long been prophesied. Learn how the birth of Christ fulfilled these prophecies, of the character of the man chosen to raise Him, and what transpired when the Word became flesh.
Sabbath HealingsSabbath Healings
Jesus declared Himself to be the Lord of the Sabbath. What was God's intent for the Sabbath? What about Sabbath observance? What work is to be done on the Sabbath day? The answers to these questions caused the men of His day to nail Him to the cross!
The Tabernacle of MosesThe Tabernacle of Moses
For centuries, the Israelites camped around a mobile sanctuary that spoke prophetically through its structure of Messiah and His church. Come camp with us and learn the lessons of the wilderness.
The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
Jesus said, "If you don't believe what Moses wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?" What do the Ten Commandments teach us about Jesus? This series will help increase your rhema faith.
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