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August - 2009

Dove - Part II

This sharing takes off where we left off in Dove - Part I. In Part I we concentrated on the lessons from nature. In Part II we examine the primary use of doves in Scripture as sacrificial animals, the leading of the dove, and doves in the market place. The character of the Holy Spirit shines through the lessons God has given us in the gentle creature of the dove.


July - 2009

Dove - Part I

This teaching is Session 7 or our newest series Wind, Water, and Fire: Understanding the Holy Spirit through Biblical Symbolism. Aside from the concept of anointing, no other Biblical symbol for the Holy Spirit is as widely recognized as the dove. He descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove at our Lord's baptism. But what statement was He making by appearing in such a form? This sharing sets the stage for a deeper understanding of this symbol. In it, we look at the natural attributes of the dove to get a better glimpse of how the Holy Spirit works with us.


June - 2009

The Saint and Military Service

Can one be a disciple of the Prince of Peace and serve in the armed forces? In light of the Ten Commandments, turning the other cheek, and loving our enemies can a Christian look through the crosshairs and pull the trigger with a clear conscience? This discussion takes a serious look at the tensions between pacifism and soldiering in Christ.


May - 2009

Marriage Under Fire: Danger in the End Days

In the beginning of man's days, God Almighty spoke a prophetic blessing over the Man and the Woman on their wedding day. When the Apostle Paul quoted this blessing under the direction of the Holy Spirit, he said that it was "concerning Christ and the church." Is it any wonder, then, that the institution of marriage is under such assault in our day and age? Why is it that the Church-which is intended to be salt and light-is faring no better than the world at staying married? This message is a powerful call to arms to guard your marriage from the onslaught of the enemy in these last days.


April - 2009

The Journey of Jesus: A Resurrection Message

The physical entrance of the Son of God into the history of mankind was the commencement of a journey eternities in the planning. In where He came from, what He suffered through, and how He returned are the details of the most amazing round trip ever taken. It is a journey of epic proportions that sketches out for us the depths of the Father's love and the awesome reach of His power. Journey with us as we examine the height, depth, and heights of our Savior's travels to redeem us.


March - 2009

The Tithe

The practice of the tithe dates all the way back to Abraham. Its exposition is the cornerstone of most stewardship messages. But what is the purpose of the tithe? Is it supposed to be the support of the church? Exactly where does it fit in the economy of God? This powerful and insightful message is sure to challenge traditional beliefs.


February - 2009

Suffer the Little Children: Salvation and Infant Mortality

Though related, sinlessness and innocence are not the same. Babies are innocent. But as descendants of Adam, they are not sinless. And the wages of sin is death, regardless of age. What is the eternal destiny of those who die in infancy? What of the unborn children that are miscarried or, worse yet, murdered? Does the Bible reveal anything about salvation's plan for babies? Join us as we dig into this difficult subject. The answers may surprise you.


January - 2009

Getting Personal with Pronouns

Even if you know the difference between ye and thee or you and thou, this sharing will give you fresh insights into their significance. And if you don't know the difference, then you are in for a treat! Rediscover the wonder and nuance of the venerated King James Version of the Bible with this timely message.


December - 2008

Prophecies of the Advent

Messiah's coming should not have been a surprise to anybody; least of all to the nation of Israel. His advent was foretold from Moses to Malachi. But it was wise men from the east that recognized that He had been born and caused a stir in searching for Him. In this sharing, we examine several of the prophecies and the significance of the magi's gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.


November - 2008

Let There Be Light: Broadcasting the Love of God in a Dark World

God summarized His will in two great laws: Love Him with all your heart, soul, and strength; Love your neighbor as yourself. These laws are the guiding principles of our vertical and horizontal relationships. In this message, we show how our relationship with God determines our conversation towards others and that the depth of our relationship with God defines the reach and effectiveness of our horizontal relationships with others.

Recorded live at Tidewater Church, this message was given with the aid of a slideshow presentation. You can access the Adobe® version of this presentation by clicking here.


October - 2008

The Throne of Grace

The place from which Jesus the Son of God rules is called the Throne of Grace. How much would our life change if we truly believed that grace was the governing principle of the Ruler of the Universe? In this sharing from our series Grace Meditations, we look at two intercessory models: Esther and the woman caught in adultery. How you view your King will determine the boldness with which you enter His inner court.


September - 2008

The Inner Man

The inner man, also known as "the hidden man of the heart," is the seat of God's saving grace in us. It is with our hearts that we believed. And it is in our hearts that He has taken habitation. This practical message on inside-out living shows how God has empowered us to walk out the reality of our salvation.


August - 2008

The Holy Spirit from Heaven

In the history of redemption, the glorification of Jesus signified the commencement of a new age. God had promised a new heart to mankind that He might dwell in them. This sharing is from our new series Temple of the Heart. In it, we examine the gracious wonder of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven.


July - 2008

Time, Space, and the Spirit of Man

Starting from a profound conversation held at Jacob's well, and finishing with the humbling work of God's grace, we examine the uniqueness of the sanctuary that God prepared for Himself in the spirit of man.


June - 2008

The Need for Fathers

A plague of fatherlessness is afflicting our society. Illegitimacy rates are at culture crashing levels. What is the role of the church in the face of this onslaught? Join us as we delve into the heart of our God who is Father to the fatherless.


May - 2008

Telescoping Truth

This introduction to our series entitled The Manifestation of the Sons of God examines the manner in which God reveals truth in His Scripture and our tendency to pigeon hole principles. This was an audio-visual presentation when recorded. The various graphics that accompany this teaching can be found here.


April - 2008

A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

The Promised Land is not only a historic fact and a prophetic future, it is also a rich metaphor of our walk in the kingdom. Have you ever been guilty of calling it the Land of Milk and Honey? If so, rediscover the rich flow of what God has in store for you. Find out what it means for us to drink His milk and eat His honey.


March - 2008

The Kingdoms of this World (God in Government)

Satan tempted Jesus by showing Him all the kingdoms of the world and offering Him their power and glory. How were these kingdoms delivered to the devil? Does the devil own the world? How do the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord? What is God's involvement in the governmental affairs of mankind? What are our responsibilities in and toward civil government as Christians? Though we are not of this world, we are in it. Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to our walk in these troubled times. This sharing is a fit word in due season.


February - 2008

Joyful Jesus

Jesus was "a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief." And many of us have memorized that simplest of verses, "Jesus wept." But what of the One who said, "These things have I spoken unto you...that your joy might be full." Scripture declares that Jesus was anointed with the oil of gladness above His fellows. Join us as we examine the joy, gladness, and mirth of Jesus whose laughter doeth the heart like medicine.


January - 2008

Happy New Life!

What is new in your life? If you are a child of God, plenty! The God we serve is dynamic and vibrant. And He has infused His character into us. Covering new wine doctrine to New Covenant realities, this sharing takes a journey from the oldness of the letter to the newness of the Spirit. Enjoy a happy new life with our compliments!


December - 2007

Striving in the Kingdom

Decades after His trial, the saints were still boasting of Jesus' testimony before Pilate. What had He said that made such a lasting impression? Join us as we delve into our Lord's testimony and learn the secrets of striving in the kingdom.


November - 2007

Spiritual Hunger in a Dying World

What happened between Saul, Samuel, and the witch of Endor? What should be the Christian's response to séances, witchcraft, and paranormal occurrences? In this sharing we examine the nature of the spiritual man and the need to evangelize in the context of the realities of the spirit realm.


October - 2007

Altars of Earth and Stone

After the Lord declared the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai, Moses drew near to God despite his own fear and terror at the awesome sight. Once on the mountain, the Lord told Moses that the children of Israel should make altars of earth and stone. This simple revelation has profound implications for the New Testament saint. It instructs us about our altars and what we are to sacrifice thereon.


September - 2007

An Excellent Spirit

On the eve of Babylon's fall, an angel's hand wrote a message for the prince. But the words needed interpretation. Enter the queen, who informed the prince about a man with an excellent spirit who could dissolve doubts.

This teaching examines the connections between parables, dreams, and the interpretation of tongues and how concealed truths revealed dissolve doubts.


August - 2007

Questions of Identity - A Discussion

Who am I? What am I? Where am I? How am I? Why am? Listen in as we discuss how the answers to these questions mark our identity and reveal the purposes of God in our lives.


July - 2007

Seventy Times Seven

"How often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Seven times?" Peter asked.

"Not seven, but seventy times seven," Jesus responded. Why seventy times seven? Was Jesus defining the boundary limit of forgiveness or was He using simple hyperbole?

In this message on forgiveness, we examine the significance of seventy times seven (490) as it relates to Jesus forgiving His brethren (Heb 2:11) and ushering in everlasting righteousness (Dan 9:24).


June - 2007

Receiving One Another Without Offence

When His disciples asked Him who was greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus responded by picking up a child and setting him in the middle of their company. What followed was not only a lesson about greatness in the kingdom, but also a warning to avoid great calamity. What is the penalty for spiritual leaders who lead people into sin? What is the geography of hell? How can we receive one another without offence? The answers may surprise you.


May - 2007

Notes on a Massacre

What does the Bible have to say about the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech? This teaching looks at the roots of murder and why evil manifests where it does.


April - 2007

The Sins of the Fathers and the Problem of Iniquity

The title almost says it all! Looks at how and why the sins of our fathers affect us, how to overcome them, and how to prepare our children for the battles that lie ahead of them.


March - 2007

The Will of the Lord

In this this message we look at the Biblical pattern of decision making from the inside out, starting with the character of God and moving all the way out to specific revelation.


February - 2007

Birthing the Word - Part 2

This is the continuation of Birthing the Word - Part 1 (January, 2007) and examines how we walk in the promise once it is received and the collateral damage of spiritual warfare.


January - 2007

Birthing the Word - Part 1

In this sharing, we examine the conception and birth of Jesus Christ as a pattern for manifesting the promises of God in our lives.


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